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Single Book Orders Using Paypal
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You may use the payment options on this page if:
    1) You are ordering only one book.
    2) You are having the book shipped to the United Kingdom.
    3) You are paying using Paypal.
For all other types of orders, please follow the instructions for
Payment Options.

Make sure your shipping address in Paypal is correct!
  When paying by credit card, you must enter your billing address (the address linked to your credit
on the same page as your credit card information . If you want to ship to a location that is
    different from your billing address, then when you get to the Paypal "Review Your Information"
    page, click "Change" next to "Shipping address" and enter your shipping address.

Paying by e-check may delay shipment by up to a week (because it takes this long for the e-check to clear).
Shipping and handling is included in the prices listed below.

Paypal payment options include credit card and e-check. For credit card orders, you do not have to formally register with Paypal (the payment is simply processed using their services).

Total cost of the order is listed below (including book, shipping, and on-line order fee).

Pocket Size (5th Edition - Shipping to the United Kingdom)

Standard shipping to the United Kingdom

1 Pocket size book
Standard and Priority Shipping are the same cost. Please order using Priority shipping.

Prioirity shipping to the United Kingdom
(usually delivered in 6-10 business days)

1 Pocket size book
$70.85 US

Express shipping to the United Kingdom
(usually delivered in 3-5 business days)

1 Pocket size book
More than
$125 US
See instructions in Payment Options.

Syllabus Size (5th Edition - Shipping to United Kingdom)

The Syllabus size has been disconinued for now.

There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds. All sales are final. If you have problems or questions regarding your order, contact us at pocketguidetourology@yahoo.com.

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