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The pocket size is in stock.

The syllabus size is out of stock.

But I will have more styllabus size books in stock on August 2, 2021.
If you decide to order a syllabus guide before then, I will ship your books when I get them in stock. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

How to Order

Orders are usually processed within 24 hours of when they are placed.

Use Quick Pay - for ordering a single set of books (volumes 1 & 2) that will be shipped to any of the following destinations:
New Zealand
United Kingdom

For ordering multiple sets of books or for shipping to other countries, please see Payment Options below.

Book Specifications
  The Pocket guide has been split into two volumes: volume 1 is Oncology, and volume 2 is Non-oncology.
  The Pocket Guide is sold as a set of voilumes 1 & 2 (the volumes are not sold separately).
  The syllabus size and the pocket size have the same content, same spiral binding, and same color covers.

   ● Pocket size - 7.0 by 4.0 inches
   ● Syllabus size - 8.5 by 11 inches

Price (in U.S. dollars)

Prices are subject to change without notice.
   ●  Pocket size set (volumes 1 & 2)  = $65 each + shipping cost
   ●  Syllabus size
(volumes 1 & 2) = $85 each + shipping cost

There is no sales tax.
Your order will be shipped when payment is received. With standard shipping, the order is usually delivered within 2 weeks of the ship date.  Your order can be shipped by priority mail or by overnight shipping. Some forms of shipping
may not be available for certain destinations. If you do not specify the type of shipping, your order will be delivered
by standard shipping.

Shipping Destination Shipping Type Approximate Cost for Shipping (in U.S. dollars) Approximate Delivery Time
One Pocket Size Set
of Books
One Syllabus Size Set
of Books

Continental U.S.
Standard Not Available
Not Available Yet
2 weeks
Priority $8.60 $15.60 2-5 business days
2 Day
Not Available Yet Not Available Yet 2 business days
U.S. Territories Depends on location
(not in U.S.)
Depends on location

Payment Options
Customers Inside the States or Its Territories
If you are inside the United States or its territories, you may order by either of the following methods:
    1) On-line using PayPal
           a) If you are ordering one set of books, please use Quick Pay.
           b) If you are ordering more than one set of books, please see "Paying On-line using PayPal" below.
           c) Paypal payment options include credit card and e-check. Paying by e-check may delay shipment
               by up to a week (because it takes this long for the e-check to clear).
           d) When ordering by Paypal, regular, priority, or 1-2 day shipping may be requested, but some shipping
               options will not be available for certain types of orders.
           e) For credit card orders, you do not have to formally register with Paypal.
        (the paymentis simply processed using their services).
    2) By mail - payment may be made by check only.   Please send an e-mail to Jeff Wieder, M.D. at
        pocketguidetourology@yahoo.com with the following information and I will e-mail an invoice to you.
          a) The quantity of books you wish to order.
          b) Your shipping address.
Customers Outside the United States
If you are outside the United States,you may order by either of the following methods:
    1) On-line using PayPal (see below) --- payment options include credit card and e-check. Paying by e-check may delay
        shipment by up to a week (because it takes this long for the e-check to clear). For credit card orders, you do not have
        to formally register with Paypal (the payment is simply processed using their services). 
   2) Money wire - There is an $12 US charge for money wires (that is what my bank charges me when I receive a money
        wire). Using Paypal is the less expensive option; however, if you cannot use PayPal, please send me an e-mail with
        the following information:
           a) Specify that you wish to order by Money Wire.
           b) The size and quantity of sets of books you wish to order.
           c) The shipping address.
           d) Type of shipping (regular or priority).
Paying On-line using PayPal
When sending an on-line order to me, please try to provide me with an e-mail address that is hosted on a
non-university server (university servers sometimes interfere with Paypal transactions). To place an order on-line
using PayPal, please send an e-mail to Jeff Wieder, M.D. at pocketguidetourology@yahoo.com with the following information:
     1) Specify that you wish to order by PayPal (please do NOT send me your credit card number or account number).
     2) Provide an e-mail address to which I can send the Paypal invoice (preferably an address that is hosted on a
          non-university server). If you do not specify an e-mail address, I will send the invoice to the address from which
          your e-mail originated.
     3) The size of the books (pocket or syllabus size) and the quantity you wish to order.
     4) The shipping address (if shipping 1-2 day, please also include your daytime phone number).
     5) Type of shipping - currently priority shipping is the only method by whcih I ship. All orders will be shipped with
        "no signature required" unless you specify otherwise  (this allows the postal worker to leave the package at your
          address when no one is present to sign for it).
I will send you an e-mail with the total cost of your order.  If you wish to place the order, you simply click the PayPal link in the e-mail and follow the instructions. I will be notified automatically as soon as you pay the invoice. When your invoice is paid, your order will be shipped.

Privacy Policy
The personal information that you provide to us (such as shipping address, e-mail address, and phone number) will be used only by J. Wieder Medical and will not be intentionally supplied or transferred to any other parties.  Your personal information will be used in processing your order and to provide you information regarding educational products offered by J. Wieder Medical (such as updates to the Pocket Guide to Urology).  If you order on-line, the PayPal privacy policy will apply to your transactions using PayPal.
Return Policy
There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds. All sales are final. If you have problems or questions regarding your order, contact us at pocketguidetourology@yahoo.com.

Pocket Guide to Urology, Sixth Edition  - Copyright 2021 by Jeff A. Wieder.  All rights reserved.